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Policy Positions

At Business Leaders for Michigan, we work tirelessly to shape policies, ideas and opportunities in an effort to improve Michigan’s competitiveness and make our state more attractive for jobs, investment and economic growth. Our efforts are currently focused on a number of key issues that impact the health and growth of Michigan’s economic climate. Take a minute to explore our state and federal public policy positions below.


Policy Position: Community Development Incentives

Business Leaders for Michigan supports the adoption of community development incentives comparable to competitor states, especially those that improve Michigan’s ability to attract large investments.


Policy Position: Infrastructure

Business Leaders for Michigan supports significant new funding to support long-term infrastructure solutions.


Policy Position: Fiscal Stability

Business Leaders for Michigan supports the following policy principles to strengthen long-term fiscal stability and help build a stronger business climate.


Policy Position: 0-12 Education

Business Leaders for Michigan believes a strong 0-12 education system is critical to Michigan’s competitiveness.


Policy Position: Higher Education

Business Leaders for Michigan believes higher education is critical to meeting future workforce needs and represents a significant opportunity to grow the economy.



Policy Positions:

Infrastructure, Mobility, Regulatory Reform, Research & Development Investment, Talent Development & Immigration Reform and Tax Reform.