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Our Work

Here at Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM), we know what it takes to make Michigan strong again. We’ve reviewed all the data and research on how to make Michigan competitive for jobs and growth—not just in the nation but globally. BLM’s work is concentrated on developing strategy, raising awareness, advocating policy and championing initiatives. We developed a plan for moving forward called Building a New Michigan, that is based on facts and driven by benchmarking our peers and competitors. It serves as the cornerstone of our work and shapes all that we do.


2017 Priorities

If Michigan was performing like a Top Ten state today, there would be 72,300 more Michiganders working and $9,200 more income per person annually.

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New Michigan

Our work is guided by the Building a New Michigan Plan, a holistic, fact-based strategy developed to make Michigan a “Top Ten” state for jobs, personal income and a healthy economy.

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Policy Positions

We work tirelessly to shape policies, ideas and opportunities in an effort to improve Michigan’s competitiveness and make our state more attractive for jobs, investment and economic growth.

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We are committed to making Michigan a “Top Ten” state. To that end, BLM operates two political action committees that support state and local level candidates who support our efforts to accelerate Michigan’s growth.

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